847 – Ignoring Scriptures

National Integration Through Thirukkural And Sanskrit

Ignoring Scriptures

Every society has its cultures which are the patterns of how people live and express themselves and how they value objects and thoughts. Indians as a society have such a solid and concrete culture. But our education system, majority of leading public personalities and movies, influence society in a negative way, thereby cracking the foundations of our culture.

With every passing generation, we are slowly isolating ourselves from our customs and traditions, which were alive since thousands of years ago and which ensured the existence of our religion and our society. If we surrender our culture, it implies that we surrender our nation. A nation’s strength is highly dependent on its cultural strength.

The following narrative is from the epic Ramayana.

Lord Hanuman was very mischievous in his childhood. He would be teasing and tickling the Sages very often. Knowing that Hanuman is indomitable by the blessings of Brahma and Indra and all the celestials, and as a severe punishment is uncalled for, as he is a simple little monkey, the sages gave him a minor curse to forget his powers. [Valmiki Ramayana – 7.36.35 ]

பா³த⁴ஸே யத்ஸமாஶ்ரித்ய ப³லமஸ்மான் ப்லவங்க³ம
தத்³தீ³ர்க⁴காலம்  வேத்தாஸி நாஸ்மாகம்  ஶாபமோஹித꞉
யதா³ தே ஸ்மார்யதே கீர்திஸ்ததா³ தே வர்த⁴தே ப³லம்


Deluded by this curse, for a long time you won’t be able to remember your powers using which you caused us trouble. But when you’ll be reminded of your glory, your powers will increase.

The above story has a strong relevance to the state of affairs in our Country. By the actions and inactions of our previous generations, the people of our Country have been disconnected from the value systems propounded by our spiritual ancestors, leading to a sorry of affairs.

Our Country is home to many scriptures like Bagavad Gita and Thirukkural which lay down the value systems and the methods to achieve them. There have been innumerable examples of people who have followed the life style as prescribed under these scriptures and attained greatness.

Unfortunately, most people have little knowledge about the teachings in these scriptures. Even some, who may have knowledge about those teachings, have no faith in them.  Such people make no progress and lead a miserable life. They have to blame themselves for their state.

One should follow the principles in revealed scriptures with faith and thereby be raised to the platform of knowledge. Only this knowledge will help one attain spiritual emancipation.

It is high time, people of our Country, revisit our scriptures and begin to re-dedicate themselves to the principles and restore our past glory.

Thiruvalluvar in his couplet 847 says “A person who disregards the advice offered by our scriptures for directing him on the path of virtue and instead inflicts on himself innumerable sorrows and sufferings due to his lack of will,  to follow those values is considered a fool.”

அருமறை சோரும் அறிவிலான் செய்யும்
பெருமிறை தானே தனக்கு

Arumarai Soorum arivilaan seyyum
Perumirai thaane thanakku

பரிமேலழகர் உரை:

அருமறை சோரும் அறிவிலான் – பெறுதற்கு அரிய உபதேசப்பொருளைப் பெற்றாலும் உட்கொள்ளாது போக்கும் புல்லறிவாளன்; தானே தனக்குப் பெருமிறை செய்யும் – அவ்வுறுதி அறியாமையால் தானே தனக்கு மிக்க வருத்தத்தைச் செய்து கொள்ளும். (‘சோரும்’ என இடத்து நிகழ் பொருளின் தொழில், இடத்தின் மேல் நின்றது. மிக்க வருத்தம் – பொறுத்தற்கு அரிய துன்பங்கள். இனி அருமறை சோரும் என்பதற்குப் பிறரெல்லாம் ‘உள்ளத்து அடக்கப்படும் எண்ணத்தை வாய் சோர்ந்து பிறர்க்கு உரைக்கும்’ என்று உரைத்தார். அது பேணாமை என்னும் பேதைமையாவதன்றிப் புல்லறிவாண்மையன்மை அறிக.)

Sanskrit Translation by Shri  S N Srirama Desikan

பே⁴த³ஜ்ஞானாக்²ய து³ர்பு³த்³தி⁴ ஸமேதா ஜயதா³யகான் |
நீதிஸா²ஸ்த்ரோக்த தத்த்வார்தா²ன் ஜ்ஞாதும்  ந ப்ரப⁴வந்தி தே ||