424 – Wisdom

National Integration Through Thirukkural And Sanskrit


Two candidates were interviewed for the post of a nursery school teacher. Both of them were University Gold Medalists. They were given a case study and asked to write on a sheet of paper, the way, they would express it to the students. The choice of the right candidate was left to the audience comprising parents and students.

After collecting their answers, the case study and the reply of the Candidate A , was circulated, to the audience. The audience could not understand the answer. They wanted to read the answer by Candidate B. When they read the answer by Candidate B, all of them voted for Candidate B.

The reason for the choice by the audience is understandable, if one were to read their respective answers.

Candidate A

“A research team proceeded toward the apex of a natural geologic protuberance, the purpose of their expedition being the procurement of a sample of fluid hydride of oxygen in a vessel, the exact size of which was unspecified. One member of the team precipitously descended, sustaining severe damage to the upper cranial portion of his anatomical structure. Subsequently the second member of the team performed a self-rotational translation oriented in the direction taken by the first team member.”

Candidate B

Jack and Jill went up the hill,To fetch a pail of water;
Jack fell down, and broke his crown,And Jill came tumbling after.

Case Study

Two children fell down, one by one, while getting water from a hill.

Moral of the Story

Acquiring knowledge is one aspect. But presenting it to a seeker in a manner, he can understand is another aspect.  Unless one is able to pass on their knowledge to others, in a simple manner and in the language they understand, he cannot be treated as Learned.

Thiruvalluvar’s couplet No. 424  emphasizes the same. Wisdom of a person is represented by his ability to express profound thoughts in simple words, easy to be assimilated by the listeners. At the same time, the same person should be in a position to comprehend the inner meanings of all the subtle thoughts from what is heard from others, however difficult, they might appear to be.

எண்பொருள் ஆகச் செலச்சொல்லித் தான்பிறர்வாய் 
நுண்பொருள் காண்பது அறிவு 

Enporul aagach Chelach-chollith Thaan-pirar-vaai
Nun-porul Kaanbadhu arivu

 பரிமேலழகர் உரை:

தான் எண்பொருள் ஆகச் செலச் சொல்லி – தான் சொல்லும் சொற்களை அரிய பொருள் ஆயினும் கேட்பார்க்கு எளிய பொருள் ஆமாறு மனம்கொளச் சொல்லி, பிறர்வாய் நுண்பொருள் காண்பது அறிவு – பிறர்வாய்க் கேட்கும் சொற்களின் நுண்ணிய பொருள்காண அரிதாயினும் அதனைக் காண வல்லது அறிவு. (உடையவன் தொழில் அறிவின்மேல் ஏற்றப்பட்டது. சொல்லுவன வழுவின்றி இனிது விளங்கச் சொல்லுக என்பார் சொல்மேல் வைத்தும், கேட்பன வழுவினும் இனிது விளங்கா ஆயினும் பயனைக் கொண்டொழிக என்பார் பொருள்மேல் வைத்தும் கூறினார்.).

Sanskrit Translation by Shri S.N. Srirama Desikan

ஸ்பஷ்டார் த₂கம் ஸுவிஜ்ஞேயம் ஜ்ஞானீ வாக்ய் முதீ₃ரயேத் |
ஸ்₂ருத்வா (அ)ந்ய வசனம் க்லிஷ்ட மபி வித்₃யாத்₃  விம்ருஸ்₂ய ச ||

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