National Integration Through Thirukkural And Sanskrit


A Sage lived in a village called Thirukkovilur in Villupuram District of Tamilnadu. He had a very profound  knowledge of spiritual scriptures and was practicing it in his daily life.

One early morning, he asked all villagers to assemble at a central location in the village. He said he has decided to end his life. The villagers were shocked at his words. They enquired the reason behind the extreme step.

He said as follows: “Yesterday night, I had a dream of myself, indulging in an act which was prohibited by the scriptures.  I had never been enamored by sensual pleasures as along my life. I had consciously avoided things which are even remotely sensual. But however, the fact, that such a thought had come in my dream, suggests that, in my sub-conscious mind, I might have been thinking about it over and over again.  Dreams are the  outcomes of thoughts in one’s sub-conscious mind. If left unattended, this would lead to an impulse for action in real life. Since, I had allowed it to corrupt my mind, in spite of my knowledge of spiritual scriptures, it is only fair and honest for me to punish myself”.

He set up a heap of Husk and sat on the heap and  set it on fire. The fire slowly spread and he was fully burnt.

Moral of the Story

It is not sufficient just to desist from bad actions. One should even not allow it in their thoughts. After all, it is only thoughts that set off actions.

Thirukkural Couplet No.34 suggests the same. For everybody, dharma or virtue is nothing but blemish-free mind and thoughts. Everything else is just ostentatious display of pretension.

மனத்துக்கண் மாசுஇலன் ஆதல் அனைத்துஅறன்
ஆகுல நீர பிற

Manaththuk-kan Maasu-ilan Aadhal Anaiththu-Aran
Aagula Neera Pira

பரிமேலழகர் உரை:

மனத்துக்கண் மாசு இலன் ஆதல் – அவ்வாற்றான் அறஞ் செய்வான் தன் மனத்தின்கண் குற்றமுடையன் அல்லன் ஆக; அனைத்து அறன் – அவ்வளவே அறம் ஆவது; பிற ஆகுலநீர – அஃது ஒழிந்த சொல்லும் வேடமும் அறம் எனப்படா, ஆரவார நீர்மைய; (குற்றம் – தீயன சிந்தித்தல். பிறர் அறிதல் வேண்டிச் செய்கின்றன ஆகலின், ‘ஆகுல நீர’ என்றார். மனத்து மாசுடையான் ஆயவழி அதன்வழிய ஆகிய மொழி மெய்களால் செய்வன பயனில என்பதூஉம் பெறப்பட்டது.).

Sanskrit Translation by Shri S.N. Srirama Desikan

யத் க்ருதம் ஸு₂த்₃த₄  மனஸா ஸ த₄ர்ம இதி கத்₂யதே |
ஹ்ருச் சு₂த்₃தி₄  ரஹிதம் கர்ம கேவ லாட₃ம்ப₃  ரார்த₂கம் ||